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Who We Are.

One Healing was founded in 2021 by Kimberly Gilardi and Nicole A Zuralow with the idea to create a community collective that supports and facilitates life-changing experiences through self-discovery and transformation. The trainings, workshops, and retreat offerings that One Healing has cultivated, not only offer better access to impactful wellness resources but also raise awareness and educate people on alternative and holistic options in the health and wellness space.

One Healing is described not only as a non-profit wellness organization but as a true community collective that collaborates with professional groups and organizations to create programs that expand the reach and accessibility of holistic and alternative healing modalities and services though Trainings, Workshops, Retreats, Events, and Kids Camps!


Our Scholarship program is an opportunity for those that are in financial strain or hardship to participate at little or no cost to the atendee. 

Kim Gilardi, the owner, and founder of Soul Wellness has a passion for sustainable living and environmental awareness. She has created the "Green-Sweep" program that helps to bring awareness and change to your everyday life by removing household items that contribute to toxicity build-up and long-term adverse health effects.

Nicole Zuralow is the owner and founder of the Metaphysical Healing Institute of Palm Beach, a holistic healing center that is home to 20+ practitioners offering a variety of healing modalities.


It was through the experiences these two had to operate their own wellness businesses they saw a need for more awareness and education to expand the accessibility of services that are simply not available for insurance coverage.

"We have seen such amazing results outside of the traditional western medicine approach to healing. We knew we needed to create a community that focuses on accessibility for these people that have already tried everything else."

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