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We are a Non Profit Wellness Organization that supports access to alternative healthcare options.


  1. Sponsorship Programs- One Healing raises funds to aid individuals in need of tuition assistance to attend programs/ retreats. This is for individuals that may be facing financial limitations or hardships or where insurance falls short. 

  1. Programs/ Retreats/ Training Partnerships- One Healing creates partnerships with existing groups that offer alternative healthcare tools in the form of programs/ retreats and or trainings that align with our mission and vision. These partnerships create opportunities for individuals to attend at lower rates in exchange for in-kind donation contributions. 

  1. One Healing Coaching/ Advocate Team- Our group of curated therapists and coaches offer one on one services to individuals in need that may be facing financial limitations or hardships. We also focus on alternative wellness service access that may be out of the scope of traditional insurance coverage. 

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